Digital Marketing / SEO

Every day more than 5 billion search queries are performed on Google. Of all of those queries, some are related to the products or services your organization offers. What is your company doing to ensure you are getting a portion of that traffic to your site?

No two businesses are alike and the same holds true for search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Saram focuses on creating individualized solutions for each of our clients. Analysis of a client’s products and services, goals, competition, and audiences guides Galvin in creating a customized winning strategy.

Every great SEO effort starts with a strong website as a foundation. While maintaining a top-level user experience, proper implementation of a targeted content architecture and on-page SEO strategies set the wheels in motion for success in attracting organic search traffic. Like a car, though, you will need to continuously fuel your SEO effort with new content, links and more, in order to continue to reap the rewards.

If you’re ready to start tapping into the unrealized potential of search engine optimization, contact us online and we’d be glad to discuss what SEO can do for you.

How SEO is done?

Our strategy and the approach are not the same always. We have devised systematic methods for each search engine algorithms. We a take lot of factors into account whilst the process of SEO. Our SEO process include,

Keyword Analysis:

Since keywords being the most important SEO element, we identify keywords that your customers are likely to enter in the search engine. Choosing the right keywords to optimize for is thus the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign.

Competitive analysis:

Here we analyze the strengths & weaknesses of your competitors. This analysis will give a clear picture of competitive landscape for any given search term. Thus allowing us to develop a better optimization strategy.

Site Optimization:

This is the final and important process of all. At this juncture, we employ our custom, time-tested SEO techniques. To avoid even the minor errors, all these process are done manually with utmost care.

How does SEO help your business?

It’s a known fact that increased traffic increases a business and that’s exactly what our SEO process does. Occupying a better page rank in search engine result drastically increases the possibility of a customer viewing your site. Thus helping your business grow day by day.

Ranking high in search engines is no longer optional, it’s critical and unavoidable. If you’re not getting the results you want from your present provider, why not let Saram. show you how easy it is not only to be found but also to be placed high in search engine results.